Step One


Please click on the lessons below to start answering 

1. God has a wonderful purpose for your life
2. Understanding man’s sinful condition
3. Man’s Futile Attempts and God’s Provision
4. Receiving the gift of salvation by faith in Jesus
5. The Spiritual Condition of Man
6. The Wages of Sin
7. The Meaning of Grace According to the Bible
8. Who Owns You, God or the Devil?
9. Only Believe
10.Have you experience Spiritual Birth?
11. Justification by Faith
12. Thanking God
13. Is Salvation by obedience to the Laws or by Grace through Faith?
14. God’s wonderful purpose for your life
15. Finding the Right Way
16. God’s Gift of Salvation
17. Is Salvation Received by Works or by Faith?
18. Is Salvation Received by Baptism or by Faith?

19. Scripture Promises of Assurance
20. Can Anyone Take the Believer Away from Christ?
21. Will God’s Child cease to be a Child of God?
22. How will a Christian know he has Eternal Life?
23. What happens when a Christian commits sin?


Listen to Tagalog message about Salvation.

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