Step Two – Christian Living

Why Does God allow sufferings in our lives?

By E.D. Jardinel

Because we are still living in this wicked world — There is suffering while we are living in this world because of the result of sin. Job said, “man is born unto trouble” (Job 5: 7). Every wrong doing has a consequence and it affects every one. The increase of wickedness of men will not only bring troubles upon themselves, but also affects the believers. Satan wants to destroy God’s works and he often would bring hindrances to Christian advancement, and even uses ungodly people to persecute Christians. (I Pet. 5: 8).

Because God corrects us when we sin or Tests our faithfulness — God loves His children and He does not want them to go on sinning, so whenever a child of God sins, He disciplines him. (Heb.12: 6). What about when a Christian is faithful, will God allow suffering in his life? God allows sufferings even in the life of a faithful Christian to test his faith. Such is the case of Job and Abraham (Genesis 22). When God allows sufferings in the life of a faithful Christian, He has a purpose and it always works for good (Romans 8: 28)

Because through problems we learn to trust God and grow spiritually — A growing Christian is someone who is growing in dependence to God. It is when we become more and more dependent to the Lord and His words, that we are growing spiritually. Pride is when we rely on our own strength and think that we can do things without God. James 4: 6 tells us that God resists the Proud but gives grace to the humble. God teaches us humility through sufferings so that we can learn to depend on Him and His words. (John 15: 5; 2 Cor. 12:7-10)



Lessons of Step Two


  1. Living in this Wicked World
  2. Chastisement and Trials in the Believer’s Life
  3. Learning to Trust God in Times of Sufferings
  4. What should we do in times of many problems?
  5. God is really Good
  6. What Benefits can you Get Out of your Problems?
  7. When you feel broke, what is the best thing to do?
  8. Why Christians experience Inner Struggle
  9. How can I know God’s Will?
  10. Facts about Temptations
  11. The Dangers of Pride
  12. Which is first, Seeking or Serving God?
  13. Reasons for knowing God through Bible Study
  14. Food for the Soul
  15. Importance of Bible Study
  16. Which will you follow, Truth or Feelings?
  17. Inspiration of the Bible
  18. Proofs of Inspiration
  19. Is the Bible Reliable?
  20. The Cost of Discipleship
  21. Forgiving Others
  22. The Hindrance to Gaining a Clear Conscience
  23. The Importance of a Clear Conscience
  24. Overcoming Obstacles by Faith
  25. The Right Reason for Living
  26. What does the Bible say about your heart?
  27. Guard your heart
  28. Defining True Love
  29. True Love Relationship
  30. Thank you for being a friend
  31. Characteristics of a true friend
  32. The cost of discipleship
  33. The Test of a true follower of Jesus
  34. The difference between Fellowship and Relationship with God.
  35. The Spirit-Filled Life
  36. Walking in the Spirit
  37. Does God exist?
  38. Why does God allow people to suffer?
  39. Is Jesus True God?

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