Two new lessons made October 10, 2016

I would like to share to you two new lessons I made entitled, “THE WAGES OF SIN” and “WHY EVE FELL TO SIN”. I had a hard time coloring the latter because when i put a color to a certain area, the color would spread to other areas. I think its because after I’ve drawn it, I just took a picture of it from my cellphone and the quality of the picture is not good. So that early morning, I decided to post it without color. I finished the lesson about 1 am of October 11. Here is how the drawings look like without a color.

In the morning about 11 am, I scanned the drawing and colored it through windows paint. I got satisfied of the result. Here is the result:

Why Eve Fell to Sin

To view the lessons click the titles below or the pictures shown:



The Wages of Sin
The Wages of Sin

1016925_10203485621972406_8397882521849875437_n   BCI Director

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